Nippon Chemical Screw Co., Ltd.   (
2-4-10, Kaminoge, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0093 JAPAN
Phone:+81-3-3703-1351 FAX:+81-3-3703-1352
Nippon Chemical Screw, Co., Ltd (CHEMIS) was established in 1965 as a Japanese screw manufacturer specializing in injection molding and mold manufacturing. CHEMIS' vast experience with injection molding and machining contribute to the high quality and consistency of their screws, bolts, nuts, washers, springs and tie-bands. Chemis has 2000+ types of plastic fasteners as off-the-shelf items; made and ready to ship.  Chemis is the biggest Japanese screw maker and offers the largest variety of injection molded PEEK fasteners in the world. CHEMIS serves semiconductor and medical equipment, electronics, aerospace, telecom, and other industries who insist on high quality polymer fasteners.  
2464 El Camino Real #140 Santa Clara, CA 95051 U.S.A.
Phone:+1-408-657-6550 FAX:+1-408-731-9106
Solid Spot LLC was established in 2002 as a sales development and distribution company specializing in technology oriented products for semiconductor, medical equipment,  aerospace, electronics, military, and energy industries.
In 2012, Solid Spot became an exclusive manufacturer direct distributor of CHEMIS.  (Nippon Chemical Screw Co., Ltd. )

• Worldwide shipment (customer's carrier, or flat rate prepaid & add)
• Huge PEEK inventory in Santa Clara CA and same day shipment.
• Weekly shipments from CHEMIS.  Orders received by Thursday 3pm PT
  will be shipped from California on the following Monday.
• Closely work with customer and CHEMIS for custom orders and special
• Able to provide material data sheets, material guidance, and test results.
• Able to provide certificates such as ISO9001, Certificates of Conformance, 
  Certificates of Origin, RoHS Compliance, REACH, and MSDS.
• Lot# tracking system in place.
• Offers excellent discount programs for volume orders and distributor
• Offers stocking programs for supply chain and distributor partners.
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